Soccer Physics

Experience the Amusing Simplicity of Soccer Physics
When it comes to flash-based video games, sometimes simple is brilliant. This is the case with Soccer Physics, which is a ridiculously entertaining game by Otto Ojala. In this virtual soccer match, you need to score more goals than your opponent. You can play against the computer or another person. You’ll control your goalkeeper and striker with one or two buttons, so any fancy maneuvering is based on timing rather than complicated finger tricks.

About This Game
Soccer Physics is free and safe to play. There are several modes to choose from in the game, including an endless mode where you can sacrifice scorekeeping for nonstop battle. All the action takes place on one screen even when you’re playing against a friend. Your objective is to score five goals before the other team does, but it seems the true mission is to come up with as many amusing ways as possible to land the ball into the net.

How to Play
You can control both your players simultaneously or separately. Players jump and kick as you tap buttons, so you’ll need to use these maneuvers to somehow push the ball into or away from the appropriate net. Playing against another person adds to the hilarity because you’ll both be bumping the ball around while dancing in the air, toppling to the ground, skidding across the field and even doing backflips.

Tips and Tricks
Familiarizing yourself with the movements and controlling your players separately may increase your scoring chances. You can also try bouncing the ball off your opponent’s head or tumbling on top of it to send it toward the goal. Jumping on a ball to hurl it backward and using one player to push the other into the ball are also helpful tricks. As you launch your players in illogical directions, don’t forget to defend your net as well. A quick boot to an opponent’s head can do wonders.

Soccer Physics is addictive, unusual, hilarious and chaotic. Quality graphics, the single-device multiplayer option and replay capabilities boost the amusement factor. As you play, don’t be surprised to see the ball changing shape, players losing their clothing and heads, goals becoming bigger or closer together and the field transforming into ice. This randomness and the absurd simplicity of the control scheme makes this one of the most comical flash games ever created.